Mother Nature (Storms, ice, Christmas, etc) will be affecting delivery times.

We have had a few people inquire about their orders sent by post. I had a letter take 15 days from Henderson, Tennessee to White Rock, BC (me) and this was before the SNOW STORMS and cold weather shut down our postal system.

Snowstorm stops mail service in Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island

The TV news is showing people all over North America stranded in airports and most likely not getting where they want to before Christmas.
If the postal system is using airplanes to move the mail, or trucks affected by snow and freezing rain, this will cause more delays.

Orders mailed before December 15 should be in the hands of the US postal system by now. With snow storms hitting Canada & the USA before Christmas and the Holidays, items could be delayed into January just a guess.

This link below shows current weather for Canada & USA


If you received your package and have the time, please use our contact form and tell us your city, state or province with postmarked date and received date.

This can help us judge the speed of the mail.

You can use our contact form to contact us if needed.

Generally orders in the continental USA are received 10 to 15 business days (snow storms cause more delays).  Business days are Monday to Friday.

Shipping times are usually reduced during Christmas season meaning it could take longer than the estimated 10 to 15 business days.

International orders may take 15 to 30+ business days.

For example: An order shipped December 16 to the US or eastern Canada should be received Jan 3 to Jan 10 if there are no delays at the border (customs) or due to weather.

Current snow shutdowns could make a delivery date beyond listed below.

You can use our contact form
to contact us if needed.