21 Lucky Lottery Tips – eBOOK

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The 21 Lucky Lottery Tips eBook is supplied as a PDF protected file – viewable on computers, tablets and smart devices.
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This book represents years of research about various lotteries in North America.

Looking for a MAGIC SPELL or formula for WINNING NUMBERS?

Save your money as this does not have them.

The tips included in the book will help you focus your efforts, increase your chances without spending more money, and find ways to save money on things you already purchase to give you more money for playing the lottery. Read this book and see how positive thinking can be applied to playing and winning the lottery. This book promotes a PLAY AT HOME – WIN AT HOME philosophy – purchase tickets from your local lottery retailer. This book does NOT promote online gambling, sports betting, or casinos. The book was written for the Canada and the United States markets but can be applied to lotteries worldwide.

Reprinted from 21 Lucky Lottery Tips
For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries (below)
By Ric Wallace ~ Luckologist / Multiple Lottery Winner

The book 21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries, available here may help get you closer to that lottery win dream.
From the book:

Some think LUCK is random; others feel it can be created or harnessed.

Many cultures throughout the centuries have believed in LUCK. Some say LUCK is a form of superstition with various interpretations. Some well-known GOOD LUCK superstitions include four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits’ feet, a heads-up penny, ladybugs, knocking on wood, the color red or green, and crossing your fingers. Many consider the numbers 7, 9, 11, 21, and their own birthdays to be lucky. Some even believe having bird droppings fall on them is a sign of luck!

Yet, you can probably find an equal number of people who believe in BAD LUCK superstitions too. The more familiar beliefs include walking under a ladder, seeing a black cat cross your path, breaking a mirror, or having a Friday the 13, something that Hollywood has capitalized on repeatedly.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Both answers are correct. A person’s attitude and belief determine the answer. This analogy can be applied to LUCK. Is it random, or can it be created? Some will say it is completely random, while others like me believe it can be created or harnessed.

Tip # 1 Know the Facts About Lotteries
Tip # 2 Beware of Scams
Tip # 3 Create Your Own Luck
Tip # 4 Select an Item of Luck
Tip # 5 Lotteries and the Taxman ~ Win a Lottery, Win a Tax Audit
Tip # 6 Select Which Lottery to Play
Tip # 7 Number Selection
Tip # 8 Scratch Lotteries
Tip # 9 Know the Rules ~ Play by the Rules
Tip #10 Decide How Much to Spend
Tip #11 Find the Money to Play Lotteries
Tip #12 Gamble With Other People’s Money\
Tip #13 Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics
Tip #14 Turn Dreams Into Reality ~ Turn a Lottery Dream Into a Memory
Tip #15 Plan-Ahead Strategies for Dealing With Wins
Tip #16 Your Health and a Big Lottery Win
Tip #17 You Have a Winning Ticket – What to Do
Tip #18 Media Exposure ~ Scare Away the Real NUTS
Tip #19 How NOT to Lose It All
Tip #20 Things You Would Never Consider
Tip #21 The Ten Steps Between You and a Lottery Win